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A volunteer-only fire dept consisting of a Chief, Assistant Chief,  two Captains, two Lieutenants, and around two dozen firefighters and a few EMTs along with 9 apparatus making up our fleet. We strive for excellence in serving our family, our community, our county, and our state with the best we can offer.

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A Fire

A Fire

It is said that the first firefighter was around 24bc which was called a watchman. fast forward to after an extensive fire in Philadelphia in 1736, Benjamin Franklin created a fire brigade called The Union Fire Company with 30 volunteers. The first full-fledged volunteer firefighter in America was Isaac Paschall. Although Boston had a similar volunteer “fire club”, it protected its members only and not the public.  Here we are today, where the National Fire Protection Association says, 71 percent of all firefighters in the U.S. are volunteers. We hold ourselves to the same standard as a career or paid departments, we take pride in our service to our community we strive to provide the best service possible. While we volunteer our time, the equipment, training, medical supply, diesel, tires, maintenance all come with a cost. “We receive grants from state and local organizations to help, but our main funding is by donations and fundraisers,” says Chief John Strenski.
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County Burn Ban Status

Burn Ban Status

Please contact the Archer County Sheriff at (940) 574-2571 to notify them if you're performing a controlled burn when burn ban is not in effect.

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Bowman Volunteer Fire Dept.
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